Fresh Details on the New Nissan Qashqai that Debuts in November


The ultra-popular (in Europe) Nissan Qashqaicrossover, one of the Japanese automaker’s most successful mainstream models, is going to be replaced with an all-new generation for 2014. Set to be revealed in November of this year, the completely redesigned Qashqai will make its way to showroom floors next year, and it has been announced that it will be a completely different-looking machine.
The information comes from UK magazineAutoexpress, which talked to Nissan’s head of global planning, Andy Palmer. We're told that the next Qashqai will get a new modular platform, set to underpin a variety of Renault and Nissan models, including the next generation Megane hatchback.
The Qashqai will be the first to use it, though, and apparently can accommodate plug-in hybrid technology, so such a version seems very likely to be launched, but only after the new model has established itself, as is customary in the industry.
According to Palmer, that means one year later, so expect to see the plug-in hybrid Qashqai in showrooms in 2015. The rest of the engines in the lineup will include a 1.2-liter supercharged unit (one of Nissan’s own) replacing the current naturally aspirated 1.6L and the new 1.6-liter DCi diesel engine, with 130 PS (128HP), which has already debuted in a number of Rhombus-badged cars in recent months, as well as the current Qashqai.
European production will stay in the UK, and preparation for the shift to the new model at the Sunderland manufacturing facility begins in December. All they need to do is keep the formula the same, but with a more modern touch, and sales will keep being strong for years to come, asthe market for crossovers is showing no signs of slowing down…
Note: Current Nissan Qashqai pictured
By Andrei Nedelea



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