Renault Boss Says Alpine Sports Car Will Get 280Hp and Retro Styling Cues


Before Renault brings out their brand new Alpinesports car, sometime in 2016, we can already take a look at one of its direct competitors, the Alfa Romeo 4C, a car which, at least on paper, seems very similar. The Alpine will also cost about the same, and offer similar performance, as British magazine Autocar has learnt from the group boss, Carlos Tavares, that the new mid-engined sports car will have around 280 hp.
He also said that styling is 70 percent done, and as all fans of the brand are expecting, it will be a retro-inspired vehicle, which will get the trademark “arrowhead nose.” The engine powering it will most likely be a turbocharged two-liter unit, but apparently, it is still being decided whether to give it the dual-clutch EDC gearbox or a regular six-speed manual – we say just give it both options and let the buyer choose.
Nevertheless, since they went all-auto on the Clio RS, a more mainstream car that could have received a manual, it is likely to happen again, with the Alpine. They do have about three years to get it working properly, because some who have reviewed the latest Clio RS have complained about its slow response times.
However, if you don’t want the Alpine, Renault’s partner Caterham is also making its own version of the car, underpinned by the same basic architecture, but rumored to use a Toyota-sourced engine, instead of a French unit.
Note: Renault DeZir Concept pictured
By Andrei Nedelea



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