New Super Edgy Lamborghini Egoista Concept Makes the Veneno Look Plain


We’ve barely just grown accustomed to the shapes and angles of the striking Veneno, which Lamborghini revealed at the Geneva motor show earlier this year, and now we need to readjust our eyesight for another, even crazier exotic supercar by the Italian manufacturer – the Egoista. They call it that because it only has one seat.
Revealed at Lambo’s private 50th anniversary party, the aviation-inspired concept gets striking looks, with silver body and orange rims and accents. Even the glass canopy is tinted orange and looks great, though probably not while driving – could help at night, though…
Also, after looking at the car more carefully, one begins to notice the fact that it wasn’t actually inspired by an airplane, and the shape of the narrow cockpit, and straight angles that go with it make it look more like an Apache helicopter. Apparently, it can even detach from the car.
Running gear-wise, since it sports the 5.2-liter V10 from the Gallardo and looks to be about the same size, it’s very likely that Lambo used one as a direct base for the Egoista. So, is it an impressive styling exercise with a hint of selfishness and hedonism, or way too much and over the top?
By Andrei Nedelea
Photo Credits: Lamborghini and Dirk.A-Photography/Facebook via Automonthly



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