MT Thoroughly Tests All Three Versions of Jaguar’s F-Type


The Jaguar F-Type has been much talked-about ever since it was announced, and we began seeing the first camouflaged prototypes. The hype it has created is was expected and it does show the power of the Jaguar brand. Few other non-exotic cars have aroused so much interest lately, and now with reviews starting to pour in, we can get some idea of what it’s like.
We featured an earlier review of the car, but that was a bit too short for our liking, and lacked some details we really wanted to know.
Now, Motor Trend has uploaded their own test of the car, where more details are revealed. Shot in Pamplona, Spain, the location chosen for the press test drive event, the video features MT’s Testing Director, Kim Reynolds, driving the F-Type in all of its three engine variants, and despite not stating it outright, his personal favorite seems to be the mid-spec 380 hp V6 model, which retains the E-Type-esque six-pot soundtrack.
The “base” V6 is praised too, and the V8 apparently dulls the handling somewhat. However, it does add an additional 115 hp, for a grand total of 495, which more than makes up for the slight loss in handling precision.
The video is very insightful and thorough - it is located one click away, right after the virtual jump.
By Andrei Nedelea


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