Watch Italdesign’s Parcour Concept on the Move in New Promo


The Italdesign Parcour concept is a very good idea clad in very sexy body panels. It looks like a cross between a Lancia Stratos and every new Lamborghini you can think of, which is a positive thing. However, it is more than a sports/super car, and judging by the looks alone, I think it’s even got a bit of Baja truck in it – if it’s as capable off-road as it looks, then I for one am sold.
Now, it has received its first promotional video, which shows it being driven in a variety of conditions. However, nothing more severe than a dirt/gravel track is shown, but with height-adjustable suspension (visible in the footage) and a 542 hp Lamborghini Gallardo-sourced V10 and all-wheel drive, it could be made into a very capable vehicle.
However, for a road-going version, and especially one that would be capable off-road, the 22-inch rims are far too large, and the low-profile tires don’t offer enough cushioning for when you’re really gunning it on uneven roads – another Baja reference…
If that is pushing it too much, then I'll settle for a proper rally version of this – another Lancia reference, but this one is more plausible. All in all, this has the potential to be a really interesting vehicle, and if thoughts of production are more than mere fantasy (or fallacy), bring it on!
By Andrei Nedelea


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