Toyota Prepares for Freshened Up 2014 4Runner with Infographic


In a different twist to what we've come to expect from automakers when it comes to upcoming models, instead of dropping another teaser image of its soon-to-be released 2014 4Runner, Toyota opted to share an infographic containing some numbers about the mid-SUV's history, which will probably keep you interested for about 2 seconds…if you have nothing else to do.From the previous teasers, we know that the updated version of the fifth-generation 4Runner will sport restyled front and rear ends. Toyota didn't say if the 2014 model will feature any updates to the interior (likely) or under the hood (less probable).
We'll remind you that the Japanese carmaker plans to release the facelifted 4Runner this Saturday, April 27, during the 2013 Stagecoach Music Festival in Indio, California.



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