Jaguar Takes a Shot at Making Movies, the Result Is Not Bad at All


The Jaguar F-Type is a very important car for the British marque, so any chance it gets to promote it is exploited at maximum. Following Lana del Rey’s song “Burning Desire”, written exclusively for the F-Type, Jaguar now presents a short film called “Desire”, which premiered today at Sundance London film and music festival.
Directed by Adam Smith from Ridley Scott Associates, the film features Golden Globe & Emmy Award winning actor Damian Lewis, Spanish actor Jordi Mollà and American actor Shannyn Sossamon. “Desire” tells the story of an alleged car delivery person who is caught in the middle of a tumultuous relationship between an estranged wife and her husband, a South American…drug lord.
Sounds like a good plot for a movie? Well, add a red Jaguar F-Type in the mix, a car chase in the Atacama Desert, gunshots, plus the growl of the V8 engine - and the audience is guaranteed. We won’t spoil it for you any further, so you can grab some popcorn and watch the 13-minute film below. If you have even more spare time, you can also watch three making-of videos of “Desire”.
By Dan Mihalascu


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