Mercedes-Benz Design Boss Says CLA Shooting Brake in the Pipeline


The Mercedes-Benz CLA is so new, hardly anybody has seen one on the road, but there are already talks to add an additional model to the Stuttgart-based automaker’s front-wheel drive model lineup.
According to British publication Whatcar, which spoke with Mercedes’ design chief, Gordon Wagener, a shooting brake (estate or station wagon) variant of the sleek four-door coupe is in the works.
Wagener argues that “the CLA is a four-door coupe as well, so why not do it?” – he was referring to the comparison between the CLA and the CLS, and he does have a point. Besides, I think the CLS estate is just as desirable as the regular sedan model, looks just as good and has slightly more space for carrying stuff, so it’s a win.
Furthermore, aside from the information regarding the CLA, it was also revealed that the speculation surrounding the creation of additional variants of the A-Class were completely unfounded. Wagener said that the proposed small coupe and soft-top models were not real, saying that they “don’t need a sports car,” because “the market is declining.
Note: Mercedes CLA and CLS Shooting Brake pictured below
By Andrei Nedelea


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