Citroen Starts Building New C4L Compact Sedan in Argentina


Citroen is replacing the C4 Pallas for the Brazilian market, with this, the new C4L, which uses the latest incarnation of the hatch as a starting point, instead of the previous-generation car, which went out of production in Europe in 2010. Also, it is to be built in the neighborhood, and specifically, in El Palomar, Argentina.
It is exactly the same car PSA builds in China, through one of their joint ventures, and there appear to be no major changes in preparation for its new markets. It does get an extra chrome strip on the lower part of the rear bumper, and it rids itself of the LED daytime running lights on the front, replacing them with more (plastic) chrome trim.
Measuring 4.43 meters in length, the C4L looks considerably more modern than the Pallas it replaces, but at the same time, it’s also shorter, and its trunk is considerably smaller as a result. However, the much-improved styling may make up for the loss of luggage space, once the car goes on sale on the Argentine market at the end of June, with Brazil following shortly afterward.
Note: The white car in the photos below is the Chinese and Russian version of the C4L - the South American one is grey.
By Andrei Nedelea



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