Mazda Shows Off Japanese Style in Milan, With KODO-Inspired Chair


We're the kind of people who like carmakers to stay focused on what they are supposed to do – make automobiles. However, in the modern world of design, which is an entire sub-culture in and of itself, it seems that it doesn't matter what you come up with, as it can easily be translated and made into something else entirely, while keeping its relation to the first inspirational object very clear.
This is quite a convoluted introduction for an article which should have simply started with the phrase "so it seems Mazda made a chair…"
The Milan Design Week was where it all happened, and where visitors had the chance to see the KODO design-inspired chair that Mazda says embodies the same aesthetic philosophy astheir latest cars. According to Mazda, the simply-named KODO Chair "clearly exudes motion" and its forward-leaning posture and "ready-to-pounce" attitude capture "the true spirit of Japan".
In the end, what we're left with is a very nice looking chair which would spruce up your living room considerably. It looks modern and comfortable. It is not a desk chair, and it would be best used as a relaxing lounge piece more than anything else.
However, it is cars that interest us most, and thus we have to find some automotive relevance for this chair. So is there? Well, the answer would be affirmative, according to Mazda’s global head of design, Ikuo Maeda, who said: “We believe the approach we’ve taken with the new KODO Chair could influence our future car designs. Our attitude is to accept any challenge if we believe we can create something unique. This is the way to develop a Mazda vehicle."
All this makes us look forward to the all-new Mazda 3, which is coming to the US this fall.
By Andrei Nedelea



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