Fiat 500 Abarth Hottie is Not Italian, but Who Cares? And Oh, There’s a New J.Lo Spot Out


Not that we mind one bit, but remember thescorching hot brunette starring in Fiat's 500 Abarth commercial? Whom are we kidding, of course you do.Well as one of our commentators, Vlad Ewan,pointed out, even though Fiat's ad would like us to believe that she is Italian, the bodacious, long-legged model is in fact Romanian and her name for those of you familiar with "Google Image Search" is Catrinel Menghia.
But then again, isn't that the case with the Fiat 500 in the sense that it's not built in Italy but in Tychy, Poland and Toluca, Mexico?
And since we're on the topic of Fiat 500 ads, the Italian company just released nother commercial with Jeniffer Lopez, this time for the limited production 500 by Gucci Edition, which you can watch with or without your palm facing your head in the video after the jump.


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