Audi Motorsport to Launch New R8 LMS Ultra for 2012 Season


How do you replace a racing car that has scored 115 wins and 12 international and national titles in just three years? The answer is simple: you don’t. You carefully update it so that it continues to be on top of its class.
This is the challenge undertaken by the engineers of Audi's quattro GmbH who had to develop an even more competitive version of the successful R8 LMS named Ultra.
The managing director of the department, Werner Frowein, says: "Our customer teams provided us with valuable suggestions and stated the wishes for the various fields in which the car is used. We analyzed them, and subjected the R8 LMS to further development in many details.”
First of the “to do” list was reduce the car's weight. The new doors made of CFRP (carbon fiber reinforced plastic) in combination with high-energy absorbing new crash foams shave pounds while at the same time, along with the new PS1 seat, increase the level of passive safety.
Next up was the chassis. The R8 LMS ultra has an inch larger front wheels (12- instead of 11-inches) along with wider 30-65/18 Michelin tires.
Bilstein has developed new, lighter compression- and rebound-adjustable dampers, while the silent rubber mounts of the suspension transverse control arms now have uniball joints, and the optimized cooling at the front wheels ensures better durability during the race.
The 5.2-liter, mid-mounted V10 that is based on the production car’s unit and, according to regulations, delivers up to 570HP, has been fitted with a new exhaust system that features race catalytic converters and increases torque at lower revs.
In the name of reliability, which is of the utmost importance in endurance races, quattro GmbH has updated the transmission as well as the cooling system. The R8 LMS Ultra sports larger coolers for the engine oil and transmission fluids, enlarged side vents for increased air flow to the engine and better air supply to the front radiator.
The tweaked aerodynamics complete the changes over the 2011 model. The R8 LMS Ultra has a wider front hood, which according to the homologation rules of every series, can be equipped with louvers.
Work in the wind tunnel has dictated a more efficient positioning for the larger rear wing to maximize downforce and minimize drag on the rear end, while at the front a new front plate helps achieve the optimal aerodynamic balance.
The new R8 LMS Ultra costs €329,900.00 plus VAT and deliveries will commence in March 2012. Audi can also retrofit the 2012 package to all existing R8 LMS racers.


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