F1 Driver Sergio Perez Drives McLaren P1 Around Top Gear Track


Formula One pilots are really lucky to race for a team which also happens to have a road car building unit. Even better if that team isMcLaren, which currently offers two highly potent production models, including the MP4-12C and the all-new P1.
Since Lewis Hamilton moved to Mercedes for the 2013 F1 season, Mexican driver Sergio Perez is the most familiar face McLaren has in the paddock.
In the video below, the Mexican is let loosearound the Dunsfold Top Gear track, at the wheel of McLaren's 903 hp P1hybrid-hypercar. Perez praises the car right from the start of the video, saying it's the closest thing he's ever driven to an actual F1 racer – as one would expect him to says so, though.
There's not much else we can understand from the video, except for the fact that they didn't do a quick timed lap, just to see what 903 hp can do against the clock. The day when LaFerrariis put up against the P1 on track, the earth will shake, the seas will part by themselves and Jesus may have to come back and save us – it really should be that exciting and intense, given the numbers.
By Andrei Nedelea


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