New Info on Nissan's Ford Focus Hatchback Rival that's Set to Launch in 2014


Nissan wants to put itself back on the compact hatchback-map in Europe with a new model to rival the likes of the Ford FocusVolkswagen Golfor Opel/Vauxhall Astra. Now, we have new information on the hatch, which is set to make its debut in 2014 – it is already very late in its development cycle, and heavily camouflaged prototypes are already out and about.
The information was obtained by Autoexpress, which recently had the chance to ask Nissan’s global product planning boss, Andy Palmer, several questions regarding the brand’s future and specifically about the upcoming compact model.
Palmer told the magazine that the company has set its eyes on the Golf: “We’ll start by not making any excuses for our car – in terms of dynamics and perceived quality it has to match it.” However, he is keen to point out that while they will try to aim for “VW levels” of touchy-feelytactile materials inside, the exterior of the car will not be as restrained.
In fact, Palmer even used the word “provocative,” to describe their upcoming hatch, which the British publication said will borrow styling cues from the Invitation concept (pictured below) that led to the Note B-Compact model. "The face is a little bit leftfield, a little bit edgy," said Palmer.
He also very ambiguously stated that the name of this new car, which is to be built in Spain, is neither old nor new, but “You will be familiar with it; it’ll evoke something from the past.” This sounds a bit like Ford’s new Escort in terms of naming philosophy.
Note: Opening Photo Nissan ME Concept, Gallery Below Nissan Invitation Study
By Andrei Nedelea



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