This is How Buick Sports Up its Cars in China


Placed a little further behind from Buick's newRiviera Concept Coupe at the Shanghai motor show floor are two tuned versions of the American brand's Chinese market Regal GS sedanand Excelle XT hatchback, which European consumers will recognize as the (pre-facelift) Opel / Vauxhall Insignia and Astra respectively.There's no specific info on General Motors' website, but we see that both cars come with an assortment of aero-enhancements such as a big rear wing, side skirts an extended lip spoiler for the Regal GS, a new front bumper for the Excelle XT, stripes, and prominent rear diffusers with quad tailpipe setups.
The two cars ride on a lowered suspension and white multispoke alloy wheels with colored accents that match the shade of the body.
As for the "IntelliDrive" decals featured on both models, it's the name for Buick's electronically controlled handling system, which the automaker says offers "a personalized driving experience".



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