Shelby Rolls Out Wide Body Kit for 2005-2009 Mustang Starting from $3,399


Adding to the many, many choices that owners of the fifth generation Ford Mustang have to improve and/or individualize the looks of their cars, Shelby Performance Parts (SPP) of Shelby American, is now offering its wide body kit for the 2005-2009 Ford Mustang and Shelby Mustang models. Customers can buy the kit and have it installed by a local shop of their choice.Shelby has developed two versions of the kit, a complete package that includes the rear quarter panels that add 6 inches of fender to house up to 13 inch rear wheels (345 wide), as well as the front quarter panels that allow for 10 inch front wheels, and the rear-only package. Both come with a Shelby Billet Fuel Door, installation instructions, special tools and the necessary hardware for installation.
Even though in theory, one could attempt to fit the kit it on his/her own, Shelby says, "it requires substantial body and paint work and is recommended to be assembled by a professional body shop."
“Built using lightweight fiberglass components and extraordinary craftsmanship, the Shelby Wide Body Kit is built to OEM-quality fit and finish, and seamlessly integrates into the already-menacing Mustang body lines,” said Shelby Performance Parts Vice President Jer Gervasi. “So I’d recommend warning the neighbors. This thing is scary.”
As for pricing for the unpainted parts, the rear-only package for 2005-2009 Mustangs and Shelbys starts at $3,399, while the four-quarter panel kit goes for $5,999, excluding installation, of course. Shelby said that it is preparing a similar package for the newer 2010-2014 Ford and Shelby Mustangs, which will be released this summer.



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