Peugeot to Develop New 308 GTi and Top-Spec 308 XY, Possible 208 R Model as Well


Peugeot has seen the lime light with the 208 GTimany times in recent months. Now, they want to keep it that way with a “proper” hot-hatch version of the next generation 308, also badged as a GTi, as well as an even more extreme 208, bearing an “R” badge, just like the RCZ R, which is getting 260hp.
Apparently, they are looking to create special upmarket sub-brands, so XY will be featured on the plushest of offerings, while GTi will signify sportiness and R will only be used on the most powerful of models.
Peugeot’s director of product communications, Christophe Chateau, told Caradvice, that the company will take a considerably sportier approach with the new 308 GTi, “especially visually,” as well as better performance and handling, thanks to their new common platform, which shaves some 100 kg or 220 pounds compared to its predecessor. He added that we should expect a similar transition to that of the 207 model, which became the very different 208 we have today.
No clear dates, facts or figures were shared, but Peugeot seems determined to become a more premium and well-regarded manufacturer, sitting above Citroen in PSA’s scheme of things to come. This is also another image-boosting exercise they've pulled off well, at least so far...
By Andrei Nedelea


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