New Jaguar F-Type Roadster Test Driven in Spain


Jaguar is slowly, but steadily providing its all-newJaguar F-Type for tests with the UK'sHonestJohn being one of the first to try out the roadster at a press event organized in Pamplona, Spain. Those who drove the F-Type did so in order of power outputs.First off was the 340PS (335hp) 3.0-liter V6, which apparently needs to be worked a bit, but that’s not a chore since it gets paddle shifts – though, if left in automatic mode, it is apparently a bit indecisive.
The more powerful V6, 380PS (375hp) version adds 19-inch rims, a standard Active Sports Exhaust, a mechanical limited-slip differential, trim alterations and beefier brakes. It is more suitable for track use, while the entry-level mode, with the smaller 18-inch rims and slightly softer suspension, is a more enjoyable companion for road use.
The supercharged V8 is considerably meatier, with 495PS (488hp), but it is also thirstier and has a more limiting traction control system, which cannot be turned down as much as in the V6 models.
Still, zero to sixty in 5.1 seconds, which is what the 340PS (335hp) model achieves, is more than enough to make the F-Type sporty enough for everybody, and as the reviewer says in the closing statements of the video, “75% of the people who buy a Porsche Boxster or specify one as their company car, it’s a very viable alternative.”
Which of the two would you buy, now that both have been reviewed and talked about? Before making up your mind, do watch the video after the jump.
By Andrei Nedelea


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