New Ferrari F150 to Cost €1.0/$1.3 Million Before Taxes, Fresh Rendering Previews its Looks


You can now forget about that 0.0001 percent chance you thought you might have of being able to own Ferrari's next masterpiece, which we have come to know as the F150-codenamedreplacement of the Enzo.
A new report from Autoweek citing "people familiar to the matter" says the new Ferrari hypercar will have a pre-tax starting price of around €1 million (US$1.33 million at today's currency rates). Add the taxes, and you're looking at €1.21 million or $1.6 million, if you live in Italy.
According to the same sources, Ferrari will build 499 examples (that pretty much kills your chances even if you did have a couple of million dollars on the side for a racing day), which is 100 more than the Enzo, in order to satisfy growing demand in Asia, and particularly  in China.
In typical Ferrari fashion, the Italians would not confirm pricing and volumes, nor would they share more pictures, even though they have already revealed the car to potential customers, leaving us to wait until the Geneva Motor Show to get a glimpse of the 950-horsepower V12 Hybrid model.
Well, at least of the real thing, because designer Josiah LaColla is offering us a digital look at the car through these renderings.
"These images are my best guess- and using a slew of references ranging from the cracks in the mule-car camouflage to Ferrari's latest form language and the infamous leaked plaque, it's indeed an educated guess," he wrote on his blog.
"Taking a step away from other rendered speculations, this version makes an attempt to get into Pininfarina's shoes, keeping the body as clean as possible while integrating all the necessary ventilation," he added.
Renderings Courtesy of Josiah LaColla via Worldcarfans


Farrari F150 Josiah LaColla-1Farrari F150 Josiah LaColla-2

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