MotorTrend Praises New Mercedes-Benz CLA, Drives it On Twisty Road


Mercedes-Benz has definitely taken a gamblewith the CLA, which along with the new A-Classhatchback, represent the Stuttgart-based manufacturer's attempt to “attract younger buyers,” a phrase which is quickly turning into a cliché, as it seems to be the declared purpose of every other automaker these days – what of more mature buyers?
They are the ones with the real cash and the ones for whom Mercedes cars have always been made - there are only so many people in their early 30s who can freely spend around $30,000or more on a car anywhere around the world…
Nevertheless, the CLA is here to stay and we must have an informed opinion about it, so this review by MotorTrend should provide some insight into what the car is like to drive, what it feels like and whether or not the quality of the interior is up to standards.
The car tested was the CLA250, which gets a turbocharged and direct-injected two-liter petrol engine, 208hp (211PS) and a seven-speed dual-clutch automatic transmission sending the power to the front wheels. However, they are keen to point out that a model with the optional all-wheel drive fitted was also tested, and the difference in dynamics was negligible.
The compact model is taken onto a windy road, with lots of cambered corners, and the reviewer affirms that the handling is very good, and while the steering may lack feel, it is deemed precise, with a linear response, so placing the car in bends is not a chore. We won’t give any more away, and we encourage you to scroll down and watch the entire video posted after the jump.
By Andrei Nedelea


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