Lamborghini Veneno Spotted Out in the Open, Hear its V12 Roar


Arguably, the most visually-striking of the three big supercars revealed at the Geneva motor show, the Lamborghini Veneno made quite an impact, and was one of the highlights of the Swiss event. Up until now, we had not seen the car out in the open, and the previous video we showed of it was just more of the same – motor show-floor stand footage/photos.
However, YouTube author NM2255 has managed to shoot the car while it was being moved around at and loaded onto a truck in Monza, Italy. Natural light really helps it, and while it looked striking (still not saying it looks good) indoors, things get even better once the sun has something to say about it.
The car is the same one showed in Geneva, and not one of the three examples scheduled for production at $3.9 million (€3.0 million) a pop. Also, if anything, the V12 sounds even better than it did in the previous video we posted (better quality footage).
So, without further ado, we encourage you to scroll down and have a look. We also took a few screenshots from the video, and tried to capture the best angles.
By Andrei Nedelea





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