We Give Alfa Romeo 4C a Fresh Lick of Paint


The production version of the Alfa Romeo 4C was definitely one of the most eagerly-anticipated sports cars of the Geneva Motor Show. We already knew that the Italian automaker wasn't going to make too many changes over the 4C concept, and aside from the kit car-esque headlights, they did keep their promise.
Questionable headlight aesthetics aside, the design of the rest of the car is quite successful, and we couldn't help but wonder what it would look like finished in other colors aside from the red and white variants we've already seen.
After fiddling around with the photos for a few hours, we can really say that none of the colors we tried really detracted from this car's appeal – in fact, the crazier the tint, the better.
Sadly, the lighting conditions of the official pictures limited our application of new shades somewhat, and we can't wait for better photos to surface, so that we can take the photo editing to the next level – new rims, a beige leather interior and, why not, a two-tone finish.
The 4C isn't the only Geneva premiere we got our hands on, as the LaFerrari whose name will still take some getting used to, was also a perfect contender…but we'll get to that later today.
Check out the photo gallery below, and do cast your opinion on which you prefer.
By Andrei Nedelea



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