Updated Ferrari 599XX Evolution Comes with More Power and Less Weight


We're not even half way through the press days of the Tokyo Motor Show, yet we already have news from the next event in our automotive calendar, the 36th edition of the Bologna Motor Show in Italy (December 3 to 11) which will provide the venue for the unveiling of the updated 2012 Ferrari 599XX Evolution.
The 599XX is track beast for a select few über rich of our world that was introduced at the 2009 Geneva Motor Show as replacement for the Enzo-based FXX.
The updated model features a number of technical improvements including an even more potent version of the Enzo-sourced V12 engine due to the adoption of side exhausts that allowed engineers to increase output to 750-horses at 9,000 rpm with a peak torque of 700Nm (516.3 lb-ft). In addition, Ferrari made the final gear ratio shorter to improve acceleration on technical, medium- to high-speed tracks.
The Italian company says that the non-homologated sports berlinetta also sports improved chassis dynamics thanks to an active aerodynamic package integrated with the vehicles’ electronic control systems.
The highlight of the aero package is an active rear wing design with two flaps that rotate electronically to adjust the downforce between the front and rear axles in relation to vehicle speed and the maneuver. According to Ferrari, the active rear wing is triggered automatically according to specific parameters which are integrated with the car’s other control functions (ESP, ABS, SCM and F1-Trac).
The 2012 599XX also gets a modified front splitter and a new rear diffuser featuring a larger surface area and redesigned fences and foot-plates. As a result of these changes, total downforce at 200 km/h (124mph) is boosted to 330 kg (727 pounds) when the flaps are open and 440kg (970 pounds) in the closed configuration.
Finally, the ultimate version of the 599 series gets a new set of Pirelli tires while Ferrari claims to have trimmed 35kg (77 lbs) off the original model.
According to the Italian automaker, the 599XX Evolution laps the Fiorano in just 1 minute and 15 seconds.

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