U Spy: 2012 BMW 3-Series F30 Sedan Prepped up with M Performance Parts


During a special dealer presentation in Europe, BMW showed off its brand-new 2012 3-Series Sedans fitted with the yet to be released to the public, M Performance and Accessories parts.
One of our readers was on hand and was able to snag some cell phone pictures of the two F30s on display.
The first 3-Series sedan is based on one of the regular trim models and features a large ski box and roof rails along with different alloy wheels with a glossy black finish and a contrasting red color for the outer rim.
The second customized model was more impressive as it was based on the new 3-Series with the M Sports package. It featured the M Performance aerodynamics kit that adds several carbon fiber bits such as the front spoiler that attaches on the M Sport model's bumper, along with bespoke alloy wheels, a blacked-out front grille and racing stripes.
We assume that it won't be long before BMW releases the official M Performance and Accessories catalog detailing all the available parts.
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