Too Much of a Stretch? RUF Builds Porsche Panamera XL for China


Porsche tuning specialist RUF has beat the German brand in the presentation of a long-wheel base version of the Panamera sports saloon aimed at the plutocrats of China.Named the Panamera XL for obvious reasons, the 5,370mm (211.4 inches) long Porsche received its public debut at the Guangzhou Auto Show 2011, which took place in November last year.
The Panamera's wheelbase has been stretched by 400mm (15.7 inches) to a massive 3,320mm (130.7-in.) in order to create a comfortable business lounge for the rich and famous of China.
The XL tips the scale at an un-sporty 1,960kg (4,321 pounds) with all that mass being propelled by a V8 engine delivering 414HP (309kW) and 510Nm (376 lb-ft).
Porsche itself is rumored to be preparing a long-wheelbase Panamera exclusively for the Chinese market this year.
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