Rhys Millen in McLaren 12C Spider Races a Snowboarder Down Rocky Mountains


McLaren has thought of a spectacular way to mark the North American debut of its 616hp MP4-12C Spider, pitting Pikes Peak record holder Rhys Millen against Winter X-Games snowboarder Chanelle Sladics in an unusual race through the Rocky Mountains.
The race took place at the Loveland Pass in Colorado, with the Millen-driven MP4-12C Spider racing down a snow-covered road, while Chanelle Sladics took a more direct route down the mountain slope, between the trees. Millen and Sladics’ "playground" sits 11,990 feet (3,655 meters) above sea level and is the highest mountain pass in the world that stays open during the winter months.
The video also serves as a reminder that McLaren offers a dedicated "Winter" powertrain setting on the 12C and 12C Spider that sets all electronic support systems to a maximum intervention level to keep the car on the road.
Follow the jump to see who won the Top Gear-style race and admire the 12C Spider's natural behavior in such unusual conditions for a supercar.
By Dan Mihalascu




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