Racy Jelacy Feels the Rumble from 1,000HP Chevy Silverado and 700hp Nissan GT-R [NSFW]


From what we've seen, you like watching high-powered sports cars and in some cases, trucks as well, accelerating at full speed, preferably with a beautiful young woman placed on the passenger seat, so here's a fresh pair of (for all of you who are getting ready to smirk right now, please remove your mind out of the gutter…) clips.Both of these videos come courtesy of TRC (for 'That Racing Channel') and feature a young Cuban model named Jelacy Jeanett Ramirez who zipped up in her suit and jumped into a 700-horsepower Nissan GT-R and then into an even more powerful, modified Chevrolet Silverado with no less than 1,000-horses running under its hood.
Check out the two clips right below the break.


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