Nissan Hikes 2013 GT-R's Price by up to $11,200, Starts from $96,820*! See How Much Prices Went Up from 2008


Every time Nissan makes some model year changes to the GT-R it's not only the horsepower numbers that go up as its price does as well…
The introduction of the 2013 model year GT-Rsees the twin-turbocharged 3.8-liter V6 engine's output lifted by 30HP to 545-horses while the Japanese firm's engineers also refined the transmission and retuned the suspension.
The new model year also brings equipment upgrades such as the standard RearView Monitor and a new dry carbon fiber rear spoiler for the Black Edition.
These changes result in a significant increase of US$6,870 for the Premium model that starts from US$96,820, while the Black Edition's price was raised by US$11,200 to $106,320! Note that neither price includes destination charges (*).
We took a quick trip back to the future to see the price changes made over the years. When Nissan first launched the GT-R in the States in 2008, the base model carried an MSRP of US$69,850 while the Premium Edition was priced at US$71,900…

[All prices in US Dollars not including destination charges]

2008MY Nissan GT-R Base: $69,850
2008MY Nissan GT-R Premium: $71,900

2009MY Nissan GT-R Base: $76,840 (+$6,990)
2009MY Nissan GT-R Premium: $79,090 (+$7,190)

2010MY Nissan GT-R Base: $80,790 (+$3,950
2010MY Nissan GT-R Premium: $83,040 (+$3,950)

2011MY Nissan GT-R Premium$84,060 (+$1,020)

2012MY Nissan GT-R Premium: $89,950 (+$5,890)
2012MY Nissan GT-R Black Edition: $95,100 (New Model)

2013MY Nissan GT-R Premium: $96,820 (+$6,870)
2013MY Nissan GT-R Black Edition: $106,320 (+$11,200)


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