Lamborghini Veneno and Ferrari LaFerrari get the Mini-Me Cute Treatment


If Carscoops readers' opinions are anything to go by, then the Ferrari LaFerrari is the sexiest new supercar of the Geneva Motor Show having amassed 52 percent of the votes in our poll (at the time we wrote this post) compared to 16 percent for the Lamborghini Veneno and 24 percent for the McLaren P1, while 6 percent disliked all three models.
Creating playful mini versions of exotic supercars with the help of digital editing programs is nothing new or original, but we couldn't help smirk a little upon viewing these Photoshops ofthe LaLamborghini and the LaFerrari, courtesy of "Arthur.H | Photography".
If you're feeling creative and want to render some of your own mini-me Geneva specials, send them over to our email and we'll add them to this post.
Photo Credits: Arthur.H | Photography 
Mini hat tip to Stoyan!



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