GM Responds to 2014 Corvette Stingray Dual-Boost Gauge Pictures


Just like you, we too were intrigued with thepictures showing a pair of digital boost gauges on the new Corvette Stingray Coupe andConvertible's TFT display, but instead of leaving the matter with a question mark, we asked Chevrolet about it, and here's what a company spokesman told Carscoops in an email:"The simple is answer is the one you have already suggested: 'did GM simply include the booster gauge in the programmable TFT display and didn't turn it off because these are test cars?'"
"The coding for the programmable TFT display will be used for many vehicles in the portfolio. Because Corvette is the first to use the system, the initial prototypes have multiple screens that are not meant to be for the Stingray. Obviously, they will be "turned off" before the cars arrive at dealerships."
So there you have it; the boost gauges on the two cars were not there because GM was trialing a supercharged V8 (which, however, will be offered on the more powerful iterations later on in the life of the C7), but because the Detroit carmaker hadn't calibrated the screens for the specific models.
Photo Credits: Corvette7



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