Faralli & Mazzanti Launches Ultra-Exclusive Evantra Supercar


Luca Mazzanti is a 37-year old (soon to be 38, actually, since his birthday is on January 1st) Italian who was born in Tuscany and, like many a young boy, dreamed about building his ownsupercar one day.
The difference between Mazzanti and almost every other boy that has the same thoughts is that Luca didn’t grow out of it, but instead focused on making his dream come true.
Since the early 1990's, he has been worked with Mario Faralli, who had a 20 years of experience in restoring rare cars such as the Cisitalia 202, theFerrari 500 Mondial, and the “Il mostro” Maserati450 Costin/Zagato that Stirling Moss drove in the 1957 Le Mans endurance race.
In 2001, the design and creation of a “barchetta” for a client led to the creation of F&M (Faralli and Mazzanti) Auto, which undertakes special personal projects, such as the Antas and the Vulca for its customers.
That’s not really building your own supercar though, is it? That’s why three years after collaborating with designer Zsolt Tarnok, Mazzanti is ready to launch the first ever F&M Auto production car: the Evantra.
Actually, it’s the company’s first very limited production car, since only five examples will be built with the lucky owners being able to fully customize their vehicle.
They can choose between a composite or an aluminum body, a naturally aspirated or twin-turbocharged version of a 3.5-liter flat-six delivering 403HP and 603HP respectively – and, in the case of the hand-crafted aluminum body, make changes to the design and create a bespoke, one-off supercar.


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