EPIC EV's TORQ Roadster Three-Wheeler Can Pull 1.3G in Corners


If electric vehicles ever stand a chance of replacing the gasoline and diesel cars that we have become so accustomed to, they will have to appeal to both the head and the heart. They currently do neither very well (aside, from some exceptions like the Tesla Model S, which is looking good so far), because most automakers are mainly focused on making the technology affordable and as efficient as possible, in an attempt to please buyers' left brain.
It is therefore the task of small automakers to make interesting EVs, leaving the task of mass popularization to the establishment. Take EPIC EV, for instance, with their new TORQ Roadster.
In some ways, it is a very modern (and wider) interpretation of the old Morgan Three-Wheelerlayout, which just happens to have zero tailpipe emissions – this is the kind of light vehicle which would normally get a screaming motorbike engine, but since electric motors produce huge amounts of instant power and torque, the combination should prove interesting.
The three-wheeler features carbon fiber body panels, a custom chassis and suspension system, courtesy of Palatov Motorsports, and even features a polycarbonate windscreen, which " keeps exterior elements out, while giving you a clear view of the track", as they themselves say. What's interesting is that the last word in the official quotation above is track, when they could have very easily used road, since this is a street-legal vehicle.
However, if we are to check its specs, we begin to speculate as to why they did it. It has 400-horses sent to the rear wheel, propelling it to 60 mph (96 km/h) in four seconds. The impressive time is also helped by the huge torque figure of 600 lb-ft (812 Nm), which must make for neck-snapping pickup and takeoff at any speed.
In addition, with a very wide track width, and modern adjustable suspension, it is reportedly able to corner at 1.3G, with the track edition of the TORQ, and it can be set up for various types of driving.
A total of around 50 examples will be made this year, with EPIC EV looking to ramp up production as of 2014. Pricing information has not yet been released, but do expect this to cost a pretty hefty wad of cash.
By Andrei Nedelea
Photo Credits: EPIC EV




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