Does This Image Preview a Geneva Motor Show Debut, and if So, Which One?


When they're not out hunting for prototype cars with their cameras, the crew over at Chris Doane Automotive LLC occasionally use their free time to share cropped pictures of soon-to-be released new models.We think that's the case with this image that they just published on their social media channels, though, we can't be absolutely sure since there's no information accompanying the picture.
And if we were to make a wild guess to as which model could be pictured here, the tri-color stripes point to an Italian car, the vents to a mid-engine model, while the rear wheel arch cut is pure Bertone and Marcelo Gandini-style.
With that in mind and knowing that Lamborghini has officially confirmed the world premiere of a "homologated car" at the Geneva Motor Show, we're going to go with this answer.
So, what do you think?



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