Citroen Shows Production 2014 C4 Picasso in New Promo Video


Citroen continues to make us scratch our heads with the next generation of the C4 Picasso. After circulating a ton of undisguised test cars on Europe's roads and labeling the production model as the Technospace Concept at the Geneva Motor Show, Carscoops reader Florian D. discovered a promotional video from the French company in which we see the new the C4 Picasso (look at the 1:13 mark).
Understandably, there's really no reason for Citroen to hold back on the presentation of the car anymore, so even though the French carmaker hasn't released an introduction date yet, expect a formal announcement within the next couple of months.
Putting aside the new design with the odd-looking glasshouse and the multi-headlamp snout, other standout features on the new compact minivan is the shorter (by 40mm) overall length but longer (+50mm) wheelbase over the current C4 Picasso, and the first application of Citroen’s new infotainment system with a 12-inch screen.
Thanks to Florian D. for the video tip!




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