Alfa Romeo 4C Official (?) Brochure with Full Specs and Equipment Range


Apart from the trio of hypercars, probably the most eagerly awaited model of the 83rd Geneva Motor Show was the production version of theAlfa Romeo 4C.
Now, after the extensive coverage it has received, one may wonder what is left to say for the sexy two-seat, mid-engined Italian coupe. Well, quite a lot actually: 4C-Forums, the only site (so far) dedicated to the new Alfa, has published what it claims is the official brochure for the car.
Thus, for the first time ever, we see the HP/torque curve, the different modes of the TFT instrument cluster and exterior and interior equipment levels for both the “Launch Edition” and the regular model.
If this is really the brochure it seems that while the former is lavishly equipped, the base model is quite the opposite, having to do with cloth seats, a manual air-con and the radio being a no-cost option. Alas, even though the base 4C comes with halogen instead of lead headlamps, it looks as if the controversial design remains the same…
You can scroll down and view the full brochure right after the jump.
By Andrew Tsaousis
Hat tip to Taylor for the submission!



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