Presenting the One-of-a-Kind Mazda RX-8 Blacknightz Coupe Project from Singapore


It's been more than two-and-a-half years since CarScoop reader Shawnz from Singapore piqued our interest with a custom project for a unique looking Mazda RX-8 Coupe.To refresh your memory, back in February of 2010, Shawnz had sent us pictures of his project car, which at the time, was still being built and honed.
As a student, Shawnz had limited funds and time to complete the car of his dream, but he never let go and today, he can proudly present to us his finished creation that he likes to call the Blacknightz RX-8.
"After hard savings and refining the drawing board and the power mods...presenting the Decepticon to the Veilside 4509 GTR Supra," Shawnz told CarScoop in an email (if you're wondering about the Veilside Supra, click here for pictures).
He continued: "Let's just say there have been carbon fibre parts & Lightweight FRP molded and constructed, very minimal fiber glass involved and power mods added, tuned and refined with Knight Sports (Japan) goodies, to enable it to tear up the streets!"
We asked Shawnz to feed us more photos and perhaps even a video of the Blacknightz RX-8, and we'll update this post when he does. In the meantime, head past the break for the photo gallery and the comments section to share your thoughts on the car.

Photo Credits: Shawnz via Nicholas TJ.R |Photography
Thanks go to Shawnz!



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