Nissan Launches Personalization Program for Juke Crossover in Europe


While in the U.S., infotainment systems with all sorts of apps are all the rage, European new car buyers seem to want more extreme personalization options from manufactures.This could be because they don’t really fancy having the exact same car as their next-door neighbor or the one next to the company parking lot.
The catch is it usually works with vehicles whose design is far from ordinary. For example, a Union Jack painted on the roof of a MINI looks perfectly acceptable. Now try imagining the same with a German flag on a BMW 3- or 5-Series: it just won't work.
Nissan’s Juke has one of the most bold/quirky (depends on how you see it) shapes among current production models. But that's not enough for buyers so the company decided to enhance its design by launching a personalization program, allowing its owners to further differentiate their car.
The optional design enhancements are available not only to new buyers, but to existing owners as well. The mini crossover’s alloy wheels, mirror caps, fog lamp rings, side sills, trunk handle and roof spoiler can each be highlighted in Force Red, Glossy White, Orange Racing, Piano Black or Silver Grey color accents.
There are also three new different packages, named Style, Premium and Exclusive, each of which can be further customized with six different trim components in one of five color themes.
If that’s not enough, fear not: Nissan has already announced that, as the program expands, it will add even more components.

By Andrew Tsaousis



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