Does the Ferrari F150's Front End Remind You of the SRT Viper?


Yes, yes, we know that we haven't seen the new Ferrari F150 (that's Maranello's official code-name) in its entirety and that depending on your point of view, you can probably find similarities between each and every passenger car, but for the sake of conversation, we'd like to pass on a question, which came up from one of our readers.No, we are not talking about the "Whale shark?" remark on our post with the first official teasers of the F150, but "The Italian Viper?" comment that followed.
So, all said and just for the fun of it, do you think that the front-end teaser of the F150 bears any resemblance to the latest generation of the SRT Viper, which as you all know, is made from the same company that owns Ferrari.
Leave your thoughts in the comments section that follows the virtual break.



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