2013 Chevrolet SS NASCAR Racer Hints at Production SS and Possibly Even Next Commodore


As promised, Chevrolet lifted the wraps off its2013 NASCAR Chevrolet SS racecar today during a special event in Las Vegas. Even if you're not a fan of NASCAR racing, you'll be interested to know that the competition SS incorporates design cues from the upcoming production 2014 Chevrolet SS.We'll remind you that all NASCAR racers feature a generic body with some minor modifications that include the funny looking decals that resemble the head- and tail-lights. To understand the relationship between a production model and its NASCAR sibling, check out Ford's Fusion racer in our previous post here.
"As a passionate race fan, the debut of the SS NASCAR race car is a genuinely exciting moment for me,” said GM North America President Mark Reuss during the presentation of the car in Las Vegas.
"With the SS, Chevrolet is delivering a true rear-wheel-drive NASCAR race car that is very closely linked to the performance sedan that will be available for sale, ensuring that our most loyal enthusiasts will have the opportunity to experience the same thrill every day on the open road that our race car drivers enjoy on the track on race day," he added.
The production version of the SS will be a rear-wheel drive mid-size sports sedan derived from the yet to be launched Holden VF Commodore and equipped with a V8 engine. In fact, we wouldn't be surprised if the two models are the same in every aspect except the badges.
Chevrolet said that its first rear-wheel drive sedan in the United States since 1996 will arrive as a limited production model in dealerships late next year.



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