I firmly believe that the 1960s marked the peak of automotive design, and the Jaguar E-Type, or XKE as it’s known in the US, is one of the finest examples of the era. No matter how hard Jaguar will try to “revive” it through the F-Type, they have failed to do so simply because modern regulations don’t allow cars to look like they did 50 years ago…
Jay Leno recently showed off his own Series I model (the simplest and best-looking), which he bought from an elderly lady who had owned it from new, for about half a century. The car was well looked-after, and in impressive condition. Jay said that all his team did was to clean it up, change the shock absorbers, refurbish the steering wheel, fit wider wheels and it was ready to go.
Thankfully, the day the car was shown it was very sunny outside, and excess of natural light around the car’s white paint job almost makes the video look like it’s been post-processed. Check it out after the jump and see for yourself, but be prepared, it’s almost 17 minutes long.
By Andrei Nedelea


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