It’s safe to say that, the second-generationPorsche Cayman is more stylish and sharp overall compared to its predecessor, but that didn’t stop the folks from Techart to take a shot at making it look even better.
Their aerodynamic kit for the Cayman includes a front apron fitted with a Techart two-part front spoiler, integrated splitter, as well as a redesigned and bigger central air duct, that not only gives the car a more aggressive look but also feeds the engine with more air.
On the profile, Techart added new trims on the side mirror caps and upright fins in the side air intakes located before the rear wheel arches. Moving on to the rear of the mid-engined coupe, the Porsche aftermarket specialist placed a fixed rear spoiler, a rear diffuser with Techart trim and central sports tailpipes.
The 21-inch Techart wheels match the aerodynamic kit and are available in two models, Techart Formula light alloy wheels in classic 5-spokes design or the weight reduced Techart Formula III forged wheels in dynamic twin-spokes design. Both models can be specified with various surfaces and colour versions such as high gloss ceramic polishing and bi-color finish.
Techart also offers a sports exhaust muffler or a new sports exhaust system with valve control, which they say makes the flat-six engine sound even better at the push of a button. Techarttook care of handling as well, fitting the Cayman with a sport spring kit that lowers ride height by 35 mm (1.38 in) compared to a standard suspension and by 25 mm (0.98 in) compared to a PASM suspension.
Overall, Techart managed to give the Cayman a more distinct appearance without ruining the original formula, which is not something we can say every day about tuning jobs. 
By Dan Mihalascu



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